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our mission.

LIT isn't just a place to cook; it's a place to cultivate your culinary ambitions. We're more than a kitchen; we're a launching pad for local businesses, a nurturing space for budding caterers, bakers, and CPG entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to empower you to bring your culinary visions to life, providing the tools, environment, and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive food industry. LIT is the premier shared commercial kitchen site in Houston, allowing tenants to reserve space on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

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key features.

A professional photography studio equipped for capturing enticing culinary creations, ideal for enhancing your online presence on social media and online ordering platforms.

food photography studio:

shared kitchen spaces:

A collaborative culinary environment where multiple food businesses share a single location, including access to shared equipment and resources.




A food service model focused on delivery and pick-up, operating exclusively through phone and online orders, providing a streamlined and efficient food delivery experience.

partner-vendor network:

Membership offers access to a valuable network of partner vendors, facilitating collaborations and sourcing of essential products and services for your food business.

business development:

Comprehensive support and guidance aimed at nurturing and expanding your food business, including mentorship, marketing assistance, and growth strategies.


Flexible storage solutions featuring a la carte options for freezer, cooler, and dry storage, ensuring that your ingredients and products are kept in optimal conditions.

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