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Once we receive your security deposit and your first monthly payment, we'll arrange a meeting with you on site for an onboarding session for you and your team. During this session, we'll provide entry access to the building and together, we'll determine the storage spaces allocated to you. We'll guide you through opening, operating, and closing procedures, as well as demonstrate how to book space through The Food Corridor and check in and out when entering or leaving the building.

Step 4: Onboarding & Start Booking 


Once you've received the Rental Agreement, please choose the package that suits your needs best; our options are adaptable and can scale with your business. Review and sign our Operating Agreement and the House Rules. Your security deposit (specified in the contract) and your first month's dues will be processed through The Food Corridor. (The security deposit is refundable after your term is fully paid).

Step 3: Select & Sign


We will meet you on site for a walkthrough. Should you choose to proceed, you must sign up on The Food Corridor to manage bookings, payments, and document uploads all in one place. A setup fee of $99 (Non-refundable) will be processed before we can send you the agreement and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Tour & Register


Step 1: Inquiry

Please browse our prices online, then submit your information through our website inquire form. We'll promptly follow up with you via email or phone to schedule a tour.  

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